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Diffusion of the “Lady of All Nations” by the Foundation "Foerderstiftung Familie Mariens" is carried out in cooperation with other so-called “Lady of All Nations - Action Centres”, church institutions such as parishes, chapels and communities as well as with private contact addresses throughout the world.

We reserve the right to commission one of these addresses (see below) with the delivery of your order, for cost-related, logistics reasons.


Other contact and delivery addresses:
(This list is updated as necessary).



Förderstiftung Familie Mariens
Lager St. Josef
Deckerberg 3
DE-82272 Moorenweis


The Netherlands:

Kapel van de Vrouwe van alle Volkeren
Diepenbrockstraat 3
NL-1077VX Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Casa 'Madre di tutti i Popoli'
Via degli Ulivi, 10
loc. Cecchina
I - 00040 Ariccia