This new Lady of All Nations online shop has been set up to help spread the message of the Lady and Mother of All Nations, especially her prayer and image, in a more simple, direct and quick way.

Our Lady is the one asking for a worldwide action with her prayer and image so that all people might know her and love her as their personal mother.

To hasten the spreading in this "quick world" (20.09.5) the Mother of All Nations especially wants us to use "modern means" (08.12.52), and she promises: "Go with great ardor and zeal about this work of redemption and peace, and you will behold the miracle!" (01.04.51)

In order to facilitate the spreading of the prayer and image we are offering Prayer cards, Action pamphlets and Brochures online at a price just slightly higher than production costs.

Through an additional contribution you can help us promote the spreading in poorer countries and print material in new languages.